I was not born as son of rich or high education parent. I am son of mechanics and elementary teacher. We live in small district in Nganjuk City, East java, Indonesia. With my parent’s background, they did not prepare me to be an extraordinary. However, my parents always support me to do positive things that I want to do, moreover for education.They buy me all of the things I need to raise my academic.

It is Javanese culture that young should go to other place in order to get a job or continue study with no exception for me. When I graduated from junior high school, I proposed to continue my study in Kediri city, neighbor city of my home town. Moreover, after graduating from senior high school in Kediri, I continued my study in Bogor, West Java.

When I was in senior high school, I preferred in chemistry than any other sciences. I participated national competition in science (one of the fields is chemistry) and won as 5th winner. Knowing that I had competency in chemistry, I proposed to continue my study in chemical engineering or pharmacy.

However, I have changed my plan because there were some interesting options come, continuing in graphic design that is one of my hobbies or pursuing geophysics and meteorology in Bogor Agricultural University (IPB). I registered to both of them. One from Bogor Agricultural University is accepted and the other one must be accepted because it is private school. Both of them are promising good graduate so that they make me confuse to decide which one I will choose.

I started to remember that I have no plan to continue to both universities but they offer good opportunity in future and I believe in it. Getting confuse, I pray to God. I ask God to choose me the one that can make me success in future because I do not know which one is the best. Soon, I thought that I have to choose IPB so that I can contribute to society because at that time environmental and disaster issues are actual topics.

After I arrived in IPB, I met many brilliant people because IPB always introduce new students with success people to motivate them. Moreover, IPB also opened my mind about my country that there are many problems must be solved and those are our home works as the next leader. In this university, I was not only introduced with various problems faced by this country but also huge expectation of prosperity of this nation by various competencies that IPB has.

There are many role models to be success student in this university and I also want to be the one for the next generation. I motivated myself to study hard to get many achievements. My primary targets are getting GPA of 4.00, being best student, going abroad and getting cum laude citation when graduate. Three targets are achieved and the left is getting cum laude. To achieve very targets, I always have role model that it makes me easier to decide the steps. Today, I join the program named PPSDMS that its motto is create future leader. I hope I can graduate successfully and contribute to society, not only for my country but also for all of human in the world.

I cannot imagine that if I studied in chemistry field. Maybe I will be stress out because it is not suitable with my characters which needs free and dynamic place. Moreover, I also thanks to God that I have chosen IPB than the other one that have graphic design major because that university is bankrupt. We can make good plan but there is no guarantee that our plan will be come true. However, God must have good destiny if we believe in.


  1. every single step in our life has already arranged by God. He never give what we want but what we need. there is always a reason why God lead you to this way. And it is wonderful when you can figure it our now. because you wil love God than before. there is no such a very briiant ideas like He did. keep spirit friends 🙂

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