Special WED celebration

Every 5 June we celebrate The World Environment Day (WED). Environment as part of our live has big contribution to human live. Water, forest, sea, weather, and all of living things around us are interrelated and have dependence each other. The balance of nature brings us to peacefulness. However, the environment has been changing and it influences our live. We have the responsibility in it because we are the human who have a deal with the environmental change.

Almost in all of parts in the world people celebrate the World Environment Day. There are various events such as green action, tree planting, campaign, etc. All of them were aimed to bring the human to the reality that the environment has been changing and we are responsible on it. As environment changing we should also change our ways of living to be environmentally friendly.

This year, celebrating The World Environment Day was going to be special for me. Why? It is because I celebrated in overseas. On 5 June 2011 in Tongji University hundreds of students coming from 30 different countries around the world come together celebrating World Environment Day at the opening of 2011 International Student Conference on Environment and Sustainability held by cooperation between Tongji University and UNEP. We were collected in order to discuss about today environmental problems that were divided into four thematic areas: Living with forest and Water, Green economic, Green mobility and clean energy and cultural heritage.

There were some well-known speakers in environmental field and they give presentation about their concern in environment. Chair of professor in Tongji University and formerly Executive Director of UNEP, Prof. Klaus Toepfer, gives us better understanding about environmental problems we faced now. He shown that human has big contribution in the destruction of environment. Even though he unable to come, by video The Executive Director of UNEP, Achiem Steiner, also gives speech about youth participation in mitigating environmental degradation as well as all of people.

Moreover, we also had fieldtrip in some areas in China. The green island, Chongming Island, is great place to be visited for group living with water and forest. The Ningbo is also good place for green economic group. Yangshan Harbor and the city of paradise, Hangzhou are also suitable place to be visited for group of clean energy. Suzhou historic town is also interested for group of cultural heritage. After visiting those place and having useful lecture, the students started brainstorming and formulates the solutions based on the lecture and fieldtrip.

At the end of the conference, the students declare statement named Global Youth Declaration

Global Youth Declaration on Environment and Sustainable Development

Jun.8th, 2011

Tongji University, Shanghai

We, students from over 35 different countries from around the world, were united at the 2011 International Student Conference on Environment and Sustainability in Shanghai, China, from June 5th-8th, 2011.

This declaration is written for and by the youth of the world. 

The 2011 International Student Conference on Environment and Sustainability raised awareness and promoted responsible action through education, cross-cultural interaction and interdisciplinary cooperation. The Conference at Tongji University was an optimal platform to promote the important role of youth in large-scale decisions. As such, we wish to see conferences of this kind continued on an annual basis.

We affirm to forward sustainability through environmental, social, and economic pillars.

Our individual choices and behaviors shall contribute positively to the challenges that lie ahead in mitigating and adapting to climate change, building a green economy, redefining resource use, and promoting equity for current and future generations. We must act now.

The outcome of our commitments will further social behaviors, knowledge sharing, and enhance governance globally. This declaration connects to the 2012 Rio+20 Conference.

We understand that every action we take affects other people’s lives and impacts our planet. We need to find a responsible balance in the consumption of food, water, energy and other resources and distribute them equitably among its people to minimize waste and pollution.

This conference was about making bonds. We sign this declaration because we strongly believe in the importance of the commitments outlined above.

Today, we are the practitioners of green economy; tomorrow, we will be the leaders of green governance.

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