Unity in Diversity: The revival of Asia

“Bhineka Tunggal Ika” as Indonesia’s slogan is a reflection of brotherhood and unity in diversity. Indonesia which is an archipelago country consists of various ethnics, religions, and cultures. The diversity must bring positive and negative impacts. Each ethnic has its own habit and culture that cannot be implemented in other ethnics. Crash in inter-ethnic is quite often happen. In this case, unity and togetherness with the rest on the same region, background, or purpose is needed. So, diversity can be an opportunity to together grow rapidly because one weakness can be covered by others.

The unity in diversity must be able to be implemented by Asia-Pacific countries. Asia-Pacific countries have special characteristics that differ from American or European countries. It is the respect of culture that inherited from ancestor. Each country has different characteristic and culture. They can be united as main weapon to bring the revival of Asia-Pacific.

Today, USA as a superpower country gradually tends to less influenced because of failed economic strategy. On the other hand, Asia countries such as China and India have worked out in significant development. George Friedman, American political scientist, said that in the future, BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China) will lead the world economic. This must be a signal of the revival of Asia. Diversity that is identic with disparity can be an effective weapon to move forward and lead the world.


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