I still impress in you

In recent weeks I was totally busy, not for thesis or research thing but for seeking a job, psych test, and job interview. As my friends who have already graduated told me that they have tried to apply in some companies, I was also encouraged to look a job. I propose to apply in Gudang Garam, Genta Energy, IBM, and Bank Syariah Bukopin. From those companies, I only got interview calling from Genta Energy and IBM. And finally, PT Genta Energy offered me a job as marketing assistant and meteorologist.

But, I will no longer tell you about Genta, I’d like to tell you about IBM. That is one company I’m completely in love. They offer many interesting things not only for their clients or employees, but also for people who want to work in IBM. That’s why I will share my experience when participating in IBM Apprenticeship selection process.

IBM opened 2nd apprenticeship program in this year. The participants of the program will get lecture as well as practical work in IBM’s professional environment. Sokoastri and Kak Galuh ask me to try, even though I was not graduated yet.

In the middle of August 2012 I submitted my application (actually they only consider CV in this phase). And, in the late of August I was called to attend written test in University of Indonesia.

A day before the written test, they hold a roadshow which presented their best human capital leader, Mas Ivandeva. I won’t call it as roadshow, motivational session to be exact. Mas Ivan gave motivation about “you and your passion”. He opened my eyes that work is not only for the money but also for our life. The main point is “work with your passion”.

The day after it, I got written test which generally called as IPAT. This test successfully made my feeling to join in this company down. When everybody waited the announcement, I just went home to do my thesis. But at 9 p.m. finally I got sms that informed my interview schedule. Wow, it was like surprise for me as the test is really difficult.

When interview began, I met Mas Erry. Firstly, I was afraid with his face, hehe. But by the time we chatted, I realized that he is very kind. He was really interested with my CLC project which develops human skill of my faculty students. He said that it is almost similar to what IBM did with Apprenticeship. He also said that it’s his first time to interview the participant from IPB.

Two days after that, I got an email informing me to attend the next phase of the selection which is presentation and interview. Then, I was invited to come in Plaza Tower, IBM Indonesia office. I also got the material of presentation. I chose the topic of “the smarter city”. After learning about that material, I am totally falling in love with IBM because of its sophisticated technology. I believe that it is one key solution to address traffic and urban problem in Indonesia.

And the day finally came. I met other participants who came from Jakarta, Bandung, Bogor, Jogjakarta and Surabaya. They are originally graduated from well-known universities not only in Indonesia but also in Australia. Along the chatting with them, they showed wide view and knowledge. That is why they all are chosen to attend in this phase.

Before the selection started, Mas Ivandeva gave his motivational talks again. He said that whoever will be chosen as apprentice is because he/she fits with the criteria set by IBM not because he/she is the best. He also said that everyone who reached in this phase is the best.

I met Pak Handojo in the presentation and interview test. At that time, I made some mistakes that throw me out of the selection. But what makes me mostly in love then was they gave me letter entitled the appreciation that includes my strength according to the interviewer. Mas Ivan, in the last minutes before I went out of the building, told me, “don’t waste your time with your weakness, put it only in your strength”.

Then he accompanied me and other who failed outside the Plaza Tower. So sadly I feel but I still believe that God always has beautiful plan for me.

I still remember the values of IBM that make they exist for even more than a century: love innovation, dedicate to clients and believe in trust and personal responsibility in all relationship.


Thanks Mas Ivan and IBM.


Whatever my profession, I believe that we can still build a smarter Indonesia.

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