In the hard rain

Sometimes, people get a narcis. even in their blog.
Coz nobody knows if they will be an blogger artist somewhen #LOL

#Sunday Morning 13  Jan 2013

I stayed in my room, in Bogor. It was a very2 hard rain.
It came at night and till morning wouldnt last.
Feel hungry but nothing to do when the rain has come.

Then, I took my guitar and played the old songs.
But, it would be very ordinary if I only picked the strings.
I opened a laptop then turning on the webcam. Let’s sing a song……
#ups my voice isnt very nice….let the guitar sing and cocks will answer it 😀

the second one, haha
sorry, if its not very nice #trialerror

And recently I also got the messege about college media who reported me. Here its

Also my community (look at the book cover :p)

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